05/05/15 Glasgow’s Miles Better…

…as the city branding campaign from the 1980s claimed.

At the weekend I was up in Glasgow visiting friends and family. I forgot how much I miss the city; Glasgow gave me the best years of my life and it was great to be back. I was honoured to be asked to speak at the University of Glasgow’s Eurovision Society. I wish I had thought to set one up! I provided a brief overview of history of Eurovision and my research before answering some questions.

It was a strange feeling being back; I was both nervous and excited but was delighted to be able to talk to the group and it was lovely to see some familiar faces too. I am hugely honoured to be asked to be the Honorary President of the GU Eurovision Society, and really proud to still have a link to the University where I spent my formative years. I absolutely love the trophy I was given – the attention to detail is amazing. Give them a follow on Twitter @GUEurovision. Thanks for the kind invitation and hope to see you again soon!

Trophy2 Trophy1


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