19/04/15 Eurovision Song Contest 60th Anniversary Conference

I am honoured to be presenting a keynote speech at the official Eurovision Song Contest 60th Anniversary Conference at BAFTA in London on Friday 24 April 2015.

The event is being organised by the European Broadcasting Union as part of its commemorations of this important milestone and will bring together key scholars, broadcasters and past performers to explore the impact that the contest has had upon the European public sphere.

I will be presenting aspects of my research on Eurovision and nation branding and will examine the influence that the contest has had upon nation building in a post-communist context.

The event is by invitation only but if you are interested in attending please sign up here.

Download a full schedule of the day


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Paul Jordan


Since 2012 Paul has been the pundit for the BBC’s live coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals and has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes. Paul has attended Eurovision since 2000 and in 2014 published his book, The Modern Fairy Tale: Nation Branding, national identity and the Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia.

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