Eurovision is over but what’s another year?

Eurovision is over for another year. Lisbon and RTP did a great job of staging the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. It was a year of mixed results, and for many fans, mixed feelings.

Huge respect to the UK’s SuRie who showed what a professional she is by giving a belting performance after the initial stage invasion. Congratulations to Israel, a deserved winner and proof if ever there was that I should stop trying to predict result!

As usual the tiresome ‘we pay too much for Eurovision’ arguments have surfaced. Such rhetoric is really quite ignorant and shows a lack of knowledge about broadcasting. Eurovision is good value television for the BBC, and with an audience of over 8 million, a popular choice for many.

On the subject of the UK and BBC at Eurovision, I was delighted to be a part of the semi-final coverage again. It was nice to see old colleagues once more. Contrary to popular belief, the Beeb DO care about Eurovision and do work hard. If only people knew what it takes to put on Eurovision, maybe they wouldn’t be so damn mouthy at times.

I was only in Lisbon for three days, and whilst it was great to be back, it was difficult to see people at times. I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to see the Grand Final and say goodbye to my old team and of course loved seeing those people I did meet. As for the ones I didn’t, there will hopefully be plenty of chances over the year. 

Israel’s victory was powerful, especially when so many Israeli fans claimed that their country would never win a popular vote. Who knows, if the UK can beat Sweden in the Eurovision televote, as they did in 2018, maybe things aren’t as negative as we think they are. One thing is certain, 2019 will be an interesting year, on many levels.


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