17/04/15 Welcome to the new Dr. Eurovision website

With the 60th Eurovision Song Contest looming, I thought it was about time to give my website a bit of a facelift. My older blog posts will still be available at www.dreurovision.blogspot.com however from now on I’ll be writing my posts here.

2015 is already shaping up to be a busy year; I’ll be in Vienna from 16 May but will return to London ahead of the final, as I have done since 2013.

Happy Eurovision!

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Paul Jordan


Since 2012 Paul has been the pundit for the BBC’s live coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals and has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes. Paul has attended Eurovision since 2000 and in 2014 published his book, The Modern Fairy Tale: Nation Branding, national identity and the Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia.

One Comment on “17/04/15 Welcome to the new Dr. Eurovision website”

  1. I have to sincerely say that this is the best Euro song we have put in for years. I am no fan of Mr Humperdink but this song has the siroeus hallmark of a winner, it really is a decent actually beautiful song! Sadly, because of the all the silliness with the political voting we have no chance of this wonderful song winning! Well done to whoever wrote it though and to Mr H for singing it so beautifully. It ought to win, I would vote for it but there we go. Sadly Eurovision is not what it was. PS I am not an old person either!!!

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